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'New Arrivals'

Preview the latest releases from America's leading producers, and get a free book when you order. Click on the graphic to go there.

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'Best Sellers'

Preview America's best selling videos and get a FREE book on leadership when you order! Click on the graphic to go there.


'American Culture Videos'

We offer cross cultural communication skills training videos at this web site, and in other formats; online, onsite, in print, at our training website:


'Attitude Training Videos'

Click the graphic for some of the most inspiring videos on developing a great attitude at work.

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Are your employees feeling victimized by change? We offer a collection of change training videos to help people understand change, embrace it at work, and manage it effectively.

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'Change the Work Culture With Our Free Newsletter

The training videos at this site, and our programs at help create a work culture of respect, creativity and productivity. Register to get our popular HumaNext newsletter with inspiring ideas and tools.

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Get a Free Coaching Effectiveness Profile with Your Order of Any Video! Click the graphic for details.

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'Communication And Interpersonal Skills'

We offer communication skills training videos to help you acquire powerful communication skills. From speaking to evoke action and commitment, to listening for understanding and collaboration, all aspects of effective communication are covered.


'Conflict Resolution Training Videos'

Take a look at our collection of conflict resolution training videos. Get a free Conflict Inventory for Indiviuals and Teams with your order.


Creativity & Problem Solving

Inspire employees with these Creativity, Innovation, and Problem Solving Skills Training Videos

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'Customer Service Training Videos'

Get a Free Customer Service Profile with Your Order of a customer service training video or any other training video from the Videos 4 Training website.


'Diversity Training Videos'

Get a Free Diversity and Cultural Awareness Profile with your order of a diversity training video or any other training video from the Videos 4 Training website.

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Emotional Intelligence

Training video series with Daniel Goleman uses actors to illustrate the teaching points. Makes the perfect introduction to Emotional Intelligence and the science behind it. Training kit comes with Powerpoint and leader's guide.

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'Ethics Training Videos'

You will get a Free Gift with your order of any ethics training video or any other training video from us: Value Centered Ethics Guide.

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'Gender Communication Training'

Preview our unique collection of video programs on gender differences in the work place, including the famed Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus.


Generations at Work

With four generations now active in the workforce, the potential for misunderstanding and conflict puts increasing pressure on productivity. We offer training programs that help.

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'HR / Legal Issues; E-mail, Interviewing, Orientation, Dress, and More'

The Latest Human Resources / Legal / and Workplace Issues Training Videos Are Here. Get a free gift with every order. Click the graphic for details.

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'Leadership Development'

Get a Free Leadership Assessment Profile or book with Your Order of Any Training Video. Click the graphi for details.

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'Management and Supervisory Skills'

Get a Free Management Effectiveness Profile with Your Order of Any Video!


'Meeting Openers Videos'

We offer a large collection of Meeting Openers Videos for your training workshops, retreats, conferences, and meetings of all kinds.


'Mentoring Training Videos'

Mentoring is one of the hottest training initiatives in many organizations. We offer a number of powerful programs in this area.

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'Presentation Skills Training Videos'

The new video, Life is a Series of Presentations explains why work (and life) is a series of "presentations" and edentifes the three categories of presentations: Inspire, Influence, and Inform.

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Safety Training Videos'

We offer educational videos addressing today's dangers of violence in the workplace, shooting incidents on campus and at work, and travel safety guidance, including in cases of kidnapping overseas.

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'Sales Training Videos'

Get the valuable gift "Sales Effectivess Profile" with your order of any sales training video from our extensive collection by leading American producers.

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'Sexual Harassment Training Videos'

Get a Free Gift: The Manager's Pocket Guide to Preventing Sexual Harassment, with your order of a sexual harassment training video from our extensive collection. Click on the graphic.


Streamed Video Learning

Streamed Learning is flexible - easily blending with other training approaches to enhance the learning experience. Click the graphic to learn how.


'Stress and Anger Management'

Managers and supervisors must be trained to manage stress and respond to resolve potentially violent incidents before they explode.


'Team Building'

Get a free Team Effectiveness Profile with your order of a team building training video. Call us for a free preview.


'Training Tools'

We don't offer just videos: For hundreds of training programs, workshops, off-the-shelf packages, tools, assessments, books and other training resources,

visit our training super site:



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