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'Stress and Anger Management'

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  • Below is a collection of stress management and anger management training videos.

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Don’t Panic! A Recipe for Success in Times of Stress

How can we stay positive and productive when facing stressful situations at work?

We asked 9 people who successfully navigated mergers, acquisitions, economic downturns, rapid growth, layoffs & other big challenges... to come together and tell us how they did it... and to cook dinner.

This program should be of interest to any public or private sector organization that has gone through or will soon go through a major change that has stressed employees and managers – including a layoff or RIF, merger, acquisition, fast growth, expansion into new markets, major budget reductions, unplanned loss of a CEO or other prominent leader…

What distinguishes Don’t Panic!

  •  The program presents 5 key elements to successfully navigating a major challenge
  • The style is fun, combining a reality-type cooking experience and insightful conversation by knowledgeable experts. Cooking demonstrations and other foodrelated programs are very popular these days (have you seen “Julie and Julia”?) and Don’t Panic! successfully integrates that motif.
  • This is practical, not theoretical. The participants have all personally navigated major changes as leaders in public and private sector organizations. They are speaking from experience.
  • Price. At US$625 per DVD price and great volume discounts, this is a bargain! The same applies to our Streamed Learning solutions where the price per training (one person taking one course) runs around $4-$6
  • Great support materials. The facilitation guide is comprehensive. The program also comes with PowerPoint slides and reproducible handouts. Greener Packaging. The DVD program is all digital using less packaging and paper. The guide, PowerPoint slides and program transcript are all on a single CD. The Streamed Learning option is greener yet – with delivery entirely online.

Program Description:

24-minute video with complete facilitation package. Eight fascinating people with experience successfully navigating stressful situations at work come together to cook a meal and share insights from their experiences.

Key points:

  • Know Yourself
  • Build Support Assess your Situation
  • Take Action!
  • Learn from Everything.

Purchase DVD for $625.00

Discounted price available for educational, governmental and non-profit organizations $500.00

Rent DVD for 5 business days $295.00

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Taking Control of Workplace Violence II

Managers and supervisors must be trained to respond to resolve violent incidents before they explode.

This video-based course helps them recognize, understand and deal with warning signs or threats, and teaches them how to defuse situations and assist troubled employees.

They learn to use internal and external resources; how to use training to lower risks and improve employee relationships; how to safely hire and fire employees; and how to effectively respond to emergency situations. One example deals with domestic violence, which spills over into the workplace. Note: Double Liability provides related training.

Key Training Points:

  • Illustrate warning signs hat often prelude violence
  • Identify internal and external resources that can help resolve and prevent conflicts
  • Examine methods of hiring and firing that help lower the risk of violence
  • Explore ways to respond to emergency situations safely and effectively

Length: 18 min. / Includes:

  • Training Leader's Guide and Participant Manual

Purchase DVD for $795.00

Rent DVD for 5 Days for $250.00

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Creating a Healthy Outlook

This video is part of the Employee Awareness Series: Vol. 3.

It is rewarding to keep a healthy outlook for your body as well as your mind. Workplace wellness increases morale and productivity, lowers health costs, and reduces absenteeism as well as injuries. Workplace wellness supports well being. Well being improves efficiency, creativity and stamina. Learn about germs, exercise and good eating habits. But the most important ingredient to a healthy outlook is your outlook. Learn how to avoid negative thoughts as much as germs.
Duration: 14:00 min. Purchase Creating Healthy Outlook and the two other videos in this series [Awareness Is a Choice, and The Key To Good Ergonomics] - All for $299.00
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Relax, Refocus, Rejoin

This video is part of The Employee Awareness Series: Vol. 4.

You live in a world of family, friends, education, activities and work. There may be moments in a busy day when you feel stressed and it is difficult for you to think clearly. Learn the benefits of taking a two-minute mental break every couple of hours. Learn simple techniques that you can do right at your desk. The result will bring you a sense of calmness and clarity. Remember, stress management is essential so you can cope with a variety of stressors.Duration 14:45 min
Purchase this video along with the two other ones in this group [Managing Ourselves In A Timely Manner, and Meeting The Criteria For A Meeting] - All for $299.00
To learn more about the other two videos in this group please visit

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Preventing and Managing Stress


Program Highlights

  • Unexpected symptoms of chronic stress.
  • Good stress vs. bad stress.
  • Three techniques to manage stress (avoidance, short-circuiting, mitigation), with examples of when to use each.

Some stress is good. That's right in small amounts, stress can help individuals focus attention and improve performance. But too much stress, too often, is bad news. And there's a lot of stress these days: you're working harder; your family life is busier; traffic's worse than ever. The good news is that you can control stress. In this Stanford video program, experts will teach you the causes of stress and show you proven ways to lessen its negative impacts and enhance your own personal well-being.

Production Information: 22 Min. available in DVD or VHS

Package includes 5 study guides of 22 pages each that explain the symptoms of excessive stress, teach techniques for avoiding stress and reducing physical and psychological effects.

Purchase Preventing and Managing Stress package for $118.75

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